What is a Wandering Entrepreneur?

You’re a Wandering Entrepreneur. Or at least, you want to be. You want to see the world and create your own adventure, and believe that a blog or online business is your path to freedom.

You follow digital nomads, travel bloggers, and location-independent entrepreneurs on Instagram.

You think often of the 4 hour workweek.

Your business isn’t just something you’re passionate about, for you, your business is a vehicle to deliver you to destinations around the world.

Maybe you’ve started your business and you’re successful already.

Maybe you’re just researching, thinking, and looking at options.

Maybe you’re somewhere in between.

No matter where you are on your wandering journey, Wandering Entrepreneurs is here to help.

We help take the “tech parts” of running an online, location-independent business and make them SIMPLE. From “What is WordPress?” to “Advanced Audience Segmentation in ConvertKit”, we’re here to teach you the techy-pieces of online business that all of the courses, coaches, and mentors like to gloss over.

And we do it all from the road, in our RV – because our business is about freedom, too!

If you’re just getting started, check out our Free Courses and The Blog.

If you’re more advanced and looking to add some advance tech-tools and software to your business, including evergreen funnels, audience segmentation, and advanced social sharing strategies, check out The Admin Course (coming soon!)

Want something else? Join our FREE Wandering Entrepreneurs Community and ask!

Wander On . . .

– Cheryl Woodhouse & The Wandering Entrepreneurs

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