Okay, so it’s no secret that the journey you’re following is the one of us, traveling while we build a digital agency. But why on earth did we choose to focus our agency on helping travel bloggers? What could they possibly get from working with an agency that they can’t do themselves? Well, here are your answers:

Why Every Travel Blogger Should Hire a Digital Agency

Because you physically can’t always be connected to the internet.

Fun fact! Wi-fi is not completely universally available. Fun fact number two! In many places, free (and even paid) wi-fi is hardly good enough to check your email. You, as a travel blogger, run a business that is completely dependent on having access to the internet to control your media assets (that’s your blog, email list, and social accounts in case you were wondering.)

If you can’t maintain those assets, or if those assets go down and you don’t notice and can’t get them back up right away, or any number of other potential problems happen when you don’t have reliable wi-fi, your business could be dead in the water – while you’re none the wiser, hanging on the beach.

Working with a digital agency means that someone else always has your back. Any agency worth their weight will offer 24/7 uptime monitoring to all of their clients, making sure they – and you – are alerted the minute your site goes down so it can be fixed right away.

So you don’t have to physically always be connected to the internet.

This lifestyle – the whole laptop lifestyle, wandering entrepreneur thing – it’s pretty glamorous on Instagram, but you and I both know the truth. There are some relaxing and easy weeks, for sure, but there are many more 60+ hour weeks behind the scenes to make those easy weeks and flawless Instagram photos happen.

Don’t you think it’s time someone else gave you a hand so you can enjoy the lifestyle you spend all of your time sharing with the world?

Or maybe, if you really love what you do (and how could you not) you should be able to spend more of your time actually doing it and less time handling WordPress updates and publishing the content and photos you create, right?

To gain access to skilled teams so you can stop DIYing every little thing.

I’m not going to deny that you’ve probably got some crazy skills in certain areas if you’ve made it this far. Graphic design, WordPress administration, copywriting – you’ve got those things. But can you say that you’ve got those things as well as someone who does those things full-time, exclusively? The specialists? The graphic designers, WordPress administrators, and professional copywriters?

Maybe, maybe not – but wouldn’t it be fun to see what they could come up with to help your blog grow? Wouldn’t it be amazing to see what a professional copywriter could do for your About page, or a graphic designer for your logos and blog graphics, or how much a WordPress admin could speed up your site (and therefore make your blog rank higher in the search engines?)

Agencies hire these specialists. That’s why they’re called agencies – because it is a team of specialists at your disposal.

In the beginning, DIYing your site and your logo and your branding and your WordPress administration was the only way to get things moving, and you’ve build an incredible foundation on those DIY skills. But there comes a point in every entrepreneur’s life when you have to relinquish control, give up DIYing everything, and bring in the professionals to take your business to new heights. I’ve yet to hear of someone hitting $1M in revenue by doing their own WordPress updates.

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To save you money over a full-time team of staff.

Remember those specialists we just talked about? Well, can you imagine hiring them all full-time yourself? Yeah – $60k/year for your graphic designer, $45k/year for a basic WordPress admin – more if you need development – plus the $60k-$80k/year for your copywriter. Add in the social media manager, web designer, content manager, product designers, software consultants, system analysts… Yeah, it costs a lot of money (we should know.) There is no reason for you to shoulder all of that overhead yourself!

When you work with an agency, you’re sharing the cost of those full-time specialists across multiple clients, thus saving massive cash over hiring a full-time team like that yourself.

To save you headaches over an as-needed team of VAs.

So, you say, maybe you won’t hire a full-time team. Maybe you’ll hire a graphic designer and copywriter when you need them, get a WordPress help service, get a few VAs, and poof! No need for an agency, right? Well, take it from someone experienced, hiring designers and developers and marketers that know what they’re doing AND deliver on time AND keep their promises AND can offer strategic guidance and advice – well, that’s not only downright expensive, it also leads to a lot of dead ends. I’ve watched entrepreneur friends go through 3, 4, even 6 graphic designers on small projects before finding just ONE that they liked. And when that one designer quits freelancing because someone offered them a full-time gig, you’re back to square one.

Digital agencies already have the expert staff, and they’re ALL experts – very few assistants and other generalists. This means you not only get all of the help you need, you get expert guidance and advice you wouldn’t get from someone on Fiverr, too.

In short . . .

You need to find the RIGHT agency for your travel blog and your brand. An agency who understands the implications of travelling full-time – an agency that specializes in automation, in batching content when you’re available, in finding and developing passive income streams – so you can generate income even when you’re chilling on the beach.

If you hadn’t guessed, we designed exactly that agency over at theadmin.co ; but whether you choose us or another highly-skilled team, once you’ve reached sustainability with your travel blog it is time for you to hire a digital agency.